1 HOUR                                                            

£35 each                                                      



  • Minimum 1 hour lesson
  • Bi-weekly bookings available
  • One-off sessions available

Payment Of Fees

  • Electronic Transfer
  • Standing Order
  • Personal Cheque
  • Cash

Fees are due at the end of your lesson or in the case of block bookings, payable in full at the first lesson.


Students may change the date and time of their booking with 48 hours notice via phone or e-mail.  Bookings cannot be refunded if less than 48 hours notice has been provided. Block bookings are scheduled in advance and are subject to the same terms as pay-per-place.

Lesson Start Times

Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your lesson to allow time to prepare and tune your instrument.
N.B. Extra time cannot be made up at the end of the lesson if you are late.


In my experience, adult learners do best on 1 hour lessons, once a fortnight. Please enquire if you have particular needs and I will try my best to accommodate them.