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Multi instrumentalist Georgiana has been performing and making music since the age of 5. She grew up in an Army family, moving house and countries throughout her childhood and is trilingual. She discovered music and acting were her passions early on. She cut her teeth on stage in various musical theatre productions under the guiding hand of inspirational American/British/German directors/mentors. Starting with auditioning for Annie at the Frankfurt city theatre at just 6 and going on to play principle roles in her 20's at The Bob Hope Theatre in Eltham, UK.

Now as an accomplished musician with distinctions across the grades she is trained in voice, classical piano, electric guitar, folk/acoustic guitar and ukelele. Georgiana's biggest passion is her songwriting. She released her debut album in 2012 and has 100 songs on iTunes and YouTube. She is often found singing her original songs on the Kent live music network. Married to Brit School music producer and journalist Dan Cooper they perform as a band under the name GeorgieDan www.georgiedan.com


'Georgie' works privately from her home studio and on behalf of the BYMT - Bromley Youth Music Trust - as a peripatetic teacher in schools. She opened her teaching practice in 2005 and has maintained a 100% pass rate in her students' Grade exams ever since (98% of those gaining distinctions). She tailors each lesson to the individual, catering to particular musical tastes ranging from rock to folk to blues and pop. Georgie did her teacher training in Germany as part of her degree at Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Blog Posts Written By Georgie

Georgie occasionally writes articles for the Pro Tools Expert (PTE) community, sharing her expertise as a vocal coach for music producers working with singers in the studio.

Performance And Technical Tips For Recording Vocals Part 1

This two part article will cover these methods.  I believe… and many others will agree, that in order to get great sounding vocals is to get it right, or at least the best you can, in the initial stages of the recording process before any mixing or fairy dust tricks have been applied. READ MORE

Breathing And The Voice - In Performance And Production Part 1

This two part series will cover both performance and technical editing of breathing and the voice in Music Production.  Georgie Gillis is back again with part one of this series to help vocalists and producers gain a better understanding of the mechanics of breathing when singing. READ MORE

Voice Projection - Pre And Post Production Part 1

From the authors of 12 Steps For Preparing To Record Vocals and Breathing And The Voice - In Performance and Production Part 1 andPart 2; In this third instalment to their series, Producer Dan Cooper and Vocal Instructor Georgie Gillis will give their two-pronged approach to voice projection in the mix. READ MORE


Over 100 original songs written by Georgie, Performed and Produced by GeorgieDAN