20 minutes      Half Hour       1 Hour

£11.60              £17.50                       £35

Fees are invoiced for the whole term and are due in by the second lesson (week 2).  For the convenience of parents, sessions are payable in two halves if preferable, due in Week 1 and Week 6. Late payments are subject to an extra admin fee of £3.50.


You know your child best and their concentration levels. The following are guidelines based on my experience. Generally the more time you put into practising and studying your instrument, the quicker your advancement.

AGE 6-10 Lessons that are 20-30 minutes in length are ideal for the young student. If you are concerned whether or not your child will be able to sit still and concentrate in lessons before signing up, please contact me for a FREE 20 minute trial session.

AGE 10-16 It is recommended that older children have 30-60 minute lessons. This is depending what grade level they're studying/how dedicated they are to progression in their instrument. Grades 5-8 are the equivalent of GCSEs and A levels thus a longer lesson is more beneficial to your child.

AGE 16+ To start with, 30 minute sessions are adequate. However, it is HIGHLY recommended that adults/advanced students especially that are studying for their upper grade exams study a minimum of 1 hour per week with me. These require more in-depth teaching than can be covered in a shorter lesson.

JOINT LESSONS: Sibling lessons are possible IF: a. both children are at the same level of ability. b.lessons booked are 45 mins-1 hour in duration. In the case of one student far exceeding the other, individual lessons will be recommended. These are priced slightly higher than individual lessons. Please use the contact page for enquiries.

Payment Of Fees

Fees are payable termly in advance via:

  • Electronic Transfer
  • Standing Order (details as above)
  • Personal Cheque (To be made out to G E Cooper)
  • Cash