Electric Guitar Lessons

Want to learn how to play your favourite rock songs? Always wanted to play a guitar solo? Learn chords, scales and how to read tab. Taught for either leisure play or following the RGT Electric Guitar Grade syllabus 1-8. Styles ranging from folk, blues, modern rock, pop rock, indie rock, grunge.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Want to be able to accompany yourself on the guitar? Or learn to play some campfire favourites? Taught for either leisure play or following the RGT Acoustic Guitar Grade syllabus 1-8. Styles on offer are modern acoustic (chords, scales & strumming), flat picking and acoustic blues, folk, rock and pop. This course is also suitable for songwriters.

Ukelele Lessons

Tuition and RGT grade exams on this popular, trending instrument. The light and portable Ukelele is ideal for young children wanting to try an instrument for the first time and is easier for little fingers than a guitar.  Side stepping to the guitar at a later age will also be an easier transition as the principles are the same.


One of my specialties is to help the guitarist that wants to play and sing at the same time. Multi tasking can detract from both disciplines and make performing a difficult task. Lessons in a mock stage type set up over both instruments with a microphone increases confidence. Contact me with your particular needs.